Hi everyone!

In one short month I will have a one year old. This year, by far, has been the fastest year of my life. This past month has gone by the fastest so far.

I think 11 months was the best age that Jacob has been so far. He is really just starting to understand things now. Jacob enjoys playing with people, he enjoys talking, he’e enjoying eating more, and loves exploring. Seeing him learning more and more just makes my heart want to explode. It just completely warms my heart.

Jacob has gotten great at crawling this past month. He is no longer doing his leg-swinging-around crawling, but rather actual, normal crawling. It makes me a little sad because I thought his crooked leg crawl was the cutest, but I think it’s so fun to see how fast he can crawl now! He’s also pulling up on every thing and really cruising the furniture more effortlessly. Jacob can also stand independently but he gets scared and drops down to his bum as soon as he realizes I’m not holding him anymore. Jacob is a very cautious baby when it comes to standing. He also can crawl up the stairs (LORD, HELP ME).

I mentioned last month that Jacob is definitely enjoying more human interaction. I think he is definitely seeking out human interaction even more this month. He loves to just sit and chat and play. He very much so enjoys talking. He is still saying “dada” most consistently, he also knows “baba”, his aunt, and he now fairly consistently says “mama” as well, FINALLY! Jacob also makes a lot of word-like sounds. He makes one sound that sounds like “yeah” and sometimes it sounds like he is saying “dog” or “doggie” but it’s really hard to tell. He isn’t all that consistent with other words.

Again this month I don’t have much to complain about. Jacob has been amazing this month, he has had a few grumpy days here and there but nothing unreasonable. I still am convinced something is going on with his teeth. However, he still has zero teeth, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there. I can see his teeth right below the surface and I can feel them, they just seem to be taking their time coming in.

Jacob has fallen back into a good sleep schedule, he typically has been sleeping through the night from 7pm to 7am at least. Right now we are struggling with naps. Jacob goes back and forth from begin an amazing napper to being an absolutely terrible napper. Some days we are on a wonderful schedule and I can tell in his moods, other days he is just a complete and total grump because he refuses to take a nap all together. I’m hoping with time we can get better with a more concrete schedule, it’s just been hard recently because we have work going on in our house and we have had a ton of errands to run!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update, I will post Jacob’s stats for this month below!

Jacob was born on October 1st, 2016 weighing 12lbs 6oz and was 20 inches long. You can read more about my birth story here.

Weight – I would guess between 24-25lbs

Height – 31 inches – he has grown about an inch a month since his birth

Clothing size – He fits much better in his 12-18 month clothes but we are still squeezing him into his 9-12 month clothes for the duration of the hot weather!

Jacob loves – crawling around and exploring, giving face-soaking kisses, finding any spare paper on the ground and eating it, swimming in the pool, and snuggling with his lovey Simba.

Jacob dislikes – being told “no”, sitting still for anything, getting his face cleaned, and getting dressed, he would much rather prefer to go “nakey baby” instead.

Jacob started – saying “mama” more consistently, making “yeah” and “dog” sounds, making car “vrooming” noises, and cruising on the furniture.

Jacob has zero teeth

I hope everyone enjoyed our little update! Until next time.